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Health Insurance and You

The Health Marketplace

The Health Marketplace allows people to compare prices and shop for health insurance—online or by phone. 

The annual enrollment for the Health Marketplace opens November 1, 2019 and continues through December 15, 2019.  Insurance coverage begins January 1, 2020. 

In order to receive coverage on January 1, participants must enroll by December 15, 2019.

To buy a Marketplace plan outside the Open Enrollment Period, you must have a Qualifying Life Event, such as getting married, having a baby, moving to an area that offers different health plan options, or involuntarily losing access to other health coverage. Most Marketplace Special Enrollment Periods last 60 days from the date of the qualifying life event. Also, job-based plans must provide a special enrollment period of 30 days following certain life events that involve a change in family status (for example, marriage or birth of a child) or loss of other job-based health coverage. For more information, contact Get Covered Illinois at 1-866-311-1119 or visit for more information.


For Individuals:
Get Covered Illinois Help Desk Toll-Free Number:


For Small Business Owners

Shop Coverage for Employers

Open Enrollment in Employer Plans

During open enrollment in your employer based health care insurance plan, make sure that your local HSHS hospitals and local physicians are listed as participating providers.

HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital accepts most major health care insurance carriers. Click here for a complete list.



Medicare Open Enrollment

Click here for more information.

Enrollment begins October 15, 2019 and ends December 7, 2019. Coverage begins on January 1, 2020.

What is Medicare Advantage?
Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Medicare Advantage provides all your Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) coverage. Some Medicare Advantage plans also often offer extra coverage such as vision, hearing, dental and/or health and wellness programs. Most Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D (prescription drug) coverage.

Is Medicare Advantage new?
The concept has been around since the 1970s, but was renamed “Medicare Advantage” in 2003. As of 2014, there were 15.7 million people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, accounting for about 30 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries.




Participating Provider

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital participates in most major insurance plans. Click here to see current list of accepted plans.