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Current Art Exhibitor:

Rick Bayers

About the Artist:

Rick BayersRick Bayers specializes in bringing the beauty of America’s most magnificent landscapes into the homes of discriminating art buyers. A fine art painter for over forty-five years, Bayers is also a respected portrait artist who has been commissioned to capture many corporate executives and regional celebrities on the canvas. His work can be found in executive boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, and the private homes of local and regional prominent families.

Bayers was born in Sparta, Illinois, and grew up in New Athens Illinois, a small rural and serene community that first instilled in him a love for landscapes. When Bayers picked up a brush at age 16, his first subjects were the rolling hills and simple pastures of the heartland. He attended the School of Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis and concentrated in Graphic Design, but also was taught several painting classes. As he honed his painting skills over the years, he became influenced by the works of early 20th century American Impressionist painters from the well-known Hoosier Salon School in Brown County, Indiana. Artists such as T.C. Steel, V.J. Cariani, Adolph Schulz, and Carl Krafft inspired Bayers to paint with the emotional yet honest style for which he is known today.

Bayers has traveled the country over the past few decades in search of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery that America has to offer. Most recently, he has created a series of paintings that celebrate the wonder of St. Louis’ Forest Park. Paintings in this series depict the park’s splendid waterfalls, flower-lined reflection lakes, colorful lily ponds, and the popular buildings that remain from the historic 1904 World’s Fair. Bayers’ landscape gallery also includes many rich scenes from the American Southwest and West Coast. Trips to the Grand Canyon, the communities of Sedona and Flagstaff in Arizona, the cities of Santa Fe and Taos in New Mexico, and Southern California have provided Bayers with inspiration for many breathtaking paintings. From the vibrant sandstone mountains and sunbaked deserts of the Southwest to the superlative shores and vineyards found along the Pacific Coast Highway, Bayers has passionately portrayed the exquisite vistas that these areas are best known for. Bayers’ landscape work is rounded out by the rural landscape scenes that first inspired him; the farms and country communities of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana have all been vividly captured by Bayers.

Notable subjects from Bayers’ portrait work include executives and professionals for some of St. Louis’ most well-known organizations. Most recently, Bayers was commissioned by the 2nd Presbyterian Church in St. Louis to paint the retiring minister, Mary Gene Boteler, the first female Minister to serve at the church. The church has a rich history of painting retiring ministers starting in the early 1900’s. Bayers was also commissioned by Centene Corporation Chairman and CEO Michael Niedorff to create portraits for former Centene Board Chairman Claire Johnson and Founder and former CEO Elizabeth Brinn. The paintings will be a part of Centene’s permanent art collection and exhibited in their corporate boardroom. Other notable subjects include the children of Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck, as well as Mr. William Stiritz, past CEO of Ralston Purina Company. Bayers is also proud to have his portrait of the late Robert Hyland, past President of CBS Radio, included in the media archives collection at the St. Louis Historical Museum.

In 2011, he was chosen as a part of the “Best of Missouri Painters” exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.
Bayers currently resides at his country home and studio in Festus, Missouri. His work is now being represented by The Rhinehart & Rhinehart Gallery in Ste. Genevieve, MO.


Artist Statement:

I wish everyone could experience the sheer happiness and euphoria I have when I paint. Only those who are blessed with this passion can know what I am talking about. I lay excited every night in anticipation, thinking about my paintings. The smell of linseed oil and turpentine is addicting to me. What’s amazing is this sensational feeling is as strong today as when I picked up my brush almost 45 years ago. In every one of my paintings you will see, in one form or another, this sincere approach to my work.