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2020 Cancer Committee

Required Members

Dr. Randall Dooley, Surgeon
Rita Gassmann, Psychosocial Services and Social Services
Dr. Allison Howard, Cancer Registry Quality Coordinator
Dr. Daniel Keys, Diagnostic Radiologist   
Donna Matthews                            
Dr. Mohamed Megahy, Radiation Oncologist      
Jill Navarro, Cancer Program Coordinator
Dr. Mark Walshauser, Medical Oncologist, Cancer Liaison Physician and Clinical Research Coordinator


Additional Members

Shambra Cullum
Thomas Dibadj                                
Dr. Justin Floyd                                
Dr. Dolph Haege                                              
Erica Niemeyer
Janice Pautler   
Brennan Porter
JoAnn Sugg
Linda Schulz                       
Debbie Young
Jordyn Corthell   
Christy Koenigstein
Conswala Jones
Vivian Bossler
Shelly Brumme