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Hospitalist Services

Focused care during your hospital stay

Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, a new specialty of medicine has emerged called "Hospital Medicine." Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in caring for patients during their stay in a hospital.

Because these physicians are based in the hospital, they are available throughout the day for admissions and emergencies. They take care of patients in the same manner as primary care physicians would. They order tests and treatment and consult specialists when appropriate. They also keep patients' primary care physicians abreast of any significant changes or developments while patients are in the hospital. Following discharge, hospitalists provide detailed summaries of the patients' stays to their primary care physicians for continued care.

Studies have shown that the benefits of hospitalist care for patients include extra availability and specialized focus during their stay. In addition, patients often report a decrease in the length of stay and lower rates of readmission.

Our hospitalists are board certified in family medicine and treat patients who have been referred by emergency room physicians, primary care physicians, or other physicians in the hospital. They also can serve patients who are admitted through the emergency room and who do not have a primary care physician. Our ‘team-care’ approach includes mid-level professionals (physician assistants and nurse practitioners) that augment and support both the hospitalists and referring physicians.