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Hospital Amenities

Private Rooms

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital incorporates many of the recent advances in hospital design, including private rooms with technological features that focus on patient care, safety and comfort.

One of the key design elemens of the new hospital is to put patient privacy first. All 144 of our patient rooms are private.

In addition, we utilize Disney's(TM) on-stage/off-stage approach. There are elevators designated fo patients and their families, as wll as physicians, in the main lobby of the hospital. Then there are off-stage elevators located behind the scenes, giving access to clinical departments and allowing for more privacy for patients during transport throughout the hospital for procedures.

Patients going home will also have increased privacy with a secluded yet easily accessible discharge lounge where they can wait on their family member for pick-up, rather than having to be wheeled bak through the main lobby.

The improved technological infrastructure will be capable of supporting many technological advances to enhance patient care in several ways:
  • Electronic health records available in patient rooms
  • High resolution video feeds to assist with imaging, surgery procedures and telemedicine services
  • Nurse call system that uses smartphone technology
  • Telemetry monitoring systems that send alerts when a patient’s condition changes
  • Ability for Medical Staff to monitor patients throughout the facility
  • Improved workflow, allowing for greater efficiency and timeliness, utilizing Lean processes

Back to the Bedside

The design of the hospital moves away from nursing stations to return nurses back to the bedside for patient care. Instead of centralized desks where nurses will work, nurses will complete their work within the patient's room with the ability to closely observe at their workstation right outside the room. Teamwork areas will be available for coordination of care and advanced planning with teams of physicians and clinicians.

Main Street

Navigating St. Elizabeth's is very simple. Everything is connected by what we call Main Street, including the attached Health Center. This main pathway throughout the hospital is lined with windows and leads you from one end of the building to the other.

Main Street houses our Gift Shop and the Daily Grind cafe. There are also many atrium areas for visitors to relax and wait for their family.

Easy Check-In

Patients can easily access the centrally-located registration area also on Main Street. The Registration area has its own entrance separate from the main lobby for outpatient services. You can choose to register via our three self-check-in kiosks or our friendly staff who provide person-to-person registration.

Smart Access

Patient and visitors coming to our campus won't need to worry about getting lost in unfamiliar hallways or relearning where specific services are located. With our free smartphone app, it will all be at their fingertips.