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Uninsured Discount Policy

Respecting the dignity of all

Serious injury or illness can put a financial strain on any family. But persons who lack insurance or government-sponsored health benefits face additional burdens. Through our Uninsured Discount Policy, St. Elizabeth’s seeks to lessen that burden, while ensuring that our billing and collection processes respect the dignity of all patients. The policy calls for a discount to be applied uniformly to all uninsured patient accounts prior to billing. In support of the hospital’s mission of caring for the poor, sick and afflicted regardless of race, color, creed, or financial status an uninsured discount policy has been developed to ensure that all billing and collection processes respect the dignity of all patients including those who are uninsured. Through this policy the hospital strives to continue each patient’s compassionate care through the billing and collection process for those patient’s lacking insurance or government sponsored health benefits.

Some patients may qualify for additional discounts or extended payment terms, including:
  • Financial Assistance Program— This charity-based program provides financial assistance for payment of services, based on a patients ability to pay. Applications are available by contacting our Patient Accounts Department at 618-234-8600. Click here to learn more and download an application.
  • Healthcare Bank Loan Program— This loan program provides 12-month interest free loans and 36- to 60-month low-interest loans to those who qualify.
  • Payment arrangements— Our Patient Accounts Department can work with you to development a payment plan.
Discounts authorized through the Christian Assistance Process will replace initial Uninsured Discounts. Uninsured discount may be denied for the following reasons: Services that could have been paid by Illinois Public Aid but the patient refused applications or failed to make their appointment for such consideration or elective procedures not covered by insurance. Eligibility guidelines will be based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines as published by the Department of Health and Human Services.